Company Information

         Founded in 1981 by Rowland Hopkins ( Hoppy ). Hoppy's Lures focused on baits, such as Popping Bugs and small Spinners, that were used in local streams and lakes around Pulaski Tennessee. Each bait was hand made and carefully tested before being sold to the area fishermen. A tradition that is still carried on today.

The Company went through its biggest change in 1986 when Hoppy' son John Garner took over the design and engineering elements of manufacturing Hoppy's Lures. Based on the practical experience John Garner gained from fishing on the pro circuit new lures were developed to suit a multitude of fishing conditions. Spinner baits with redesigned blades, special blade combinations, new skirts, new colors and better hooks-- all with the intent to produce more strikes. Hoppy's jigs went through the same design and engineering processes and again new and improved baits were created. Today because of this this ongoing improvement process Hoppy' Lures can be found in four (4) states and this growth is expected to continue.

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Good Fishing!